Lila - Visionary and Sacred Art Website

Daniel Mirante

LILA is a visionary and sacred art website. ‘Lila’ is Sanskrit for ‘Cosmic Play’, the universe experienced as arising from the joyous love play and creative adventures of the Divine.
The mission of the Lila project is to explore the emergence of a contemporary sacred and visionary art within the context of global culture.
Lila is also a means to facilitate and strengthen the community of artists and art lovers who orientate around a sacred vision.
Lila also exists as a well-organised resource for researchers and explorers of art, history, culture, mysticism and shamanism.
The website was created by painter and writer Daniel Mirante in 2000 ad as a resource for people exploring ‘medicine culture’ ; shamanic forms of creativity and healing of the whole being, including visionary or sacred art, breathwork, rebirthing and plant-based entheogenic practices.

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